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At the heart of the service is the role of Challenge Adviser who will monitor, challenge and support school leadership teams to improve performance and are critical to the success of the organisation.

Challenge Advisers are from a range of backgrounds, including current headteachers, consultants, part and full time employees.  They will take a data driven approach to supporting and challenging the leadership in schools to improve.  They will work closely with a range of specialists in other areas provided by the EAS including:  

  • Literacy,
  • Numeracy,
  • 21st Century Learning,
  • Foundation Phase,
  • Governor Development and Support,
  • Workforce Development,
  • Welsh Advisory Service,
  • 14 – 19 education and
  • SACRE (Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education).

The Challenge Adviser will work with schools to ensure the core and moral purpose is the binding and central pursuit of all involved.  They will be enablers of improvement, continuous monitoring, support and challenge schools and their governing bodies at all levels to bring about systemic change and improvement.

A resources team will provide support to the EAS in the areas of learning intelligence, client management, corporate governance, service development and office management.

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