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Meeting the teaching challenges of the future
22nd November 2016 

A series of special briefings are being held for head teachers and chairs of governors in south east Wales.
Organised by the Education Achievement Service (EAS), the briefings will be delivered by Professor Mick Waters, Welsh Government adviser on the new Professional Standards.
The briefs on 1st and 2nd December will focus on the new Professional Standards and current thinking on best practice.
Professor Waters is reviewing the Professional Standards as part of Welsh Government’s Professional Learning scheme, formerly known as New Deal, to encourage and support teaching staff towards career-long professional development.
EAS assistant director Kevin Palmer said: “The Professional Standards briefings, facilitated by the EAS, provide school leaders with an opportunity to gain valuable insight into the revised standards for teaching.
“The sessions will be led by a key figure in the development of the standards, Professor Mick Waters, who will explain the process of developing them.
“This is a valuable opportunity for head teachers and chairs of governors to experience an unique insight into the creation of the standards and their potential impact.
“The sessions will provide insight into emerging thinking around leadership standards in education and the opportunity to network with other professional, to share innovative practice and personal experience.”
Head teachers and chairs of governors attending the sessions will hear:
  • An update on the work of pilot schools in the region;
  • An explanation of the process of developing the new professional standards for teachers;
  • A briefing on the standards for use in schools by September 2017;
  • An insight into emerging thinking around the leadership standards; and
  • An explanation showing the link between the new standards and Successful Futures.
For more information or to book on the course contact the EAS Business Support Team on 01633 415 470.

The events can be viewed on CPD Online via the following course codes:


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