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Advance Notice – save the date
Should an applicant be successful in being endorsed for this years NPQH Assessment programme they will be required to attend the National Development Day on Tuesday 6th November in the Marriott Hotel in Swansea. Overnight accommodation the evening prior to the development day will be provided.

In accordance with the Headteachers’ Qualifications and Registration (Wales) Regulations, it is mandatory for all practitioners moving to their first substantive headship post in Wales to hold the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) before starting to serve in the new post.

An overview of the NPQH process

In summary, the process for candidates will consist of the following:
  • consultation meetings with their headteacher and preparation of their Individual Leadership Review (ILR)
  • completion of an initial application form, which has to be signed by the headteacher and challenge adviser and then endorsed by the principal challenge adviser for their Local Authority.  This will be submitted by the candidate along with their completed ILR;
  • to work with an assigned a support officer from within their regional Consortium area;
  • participation in a minimum of 4 development days;
  • attendance at the Assessment Centre. 

Candidate criteria

The NPQH is specifically for practitioners who are actively seeking headship as their next post. In order to be considered for the NPQH candidates must be:
  • qualified teachers, registered as teachers with the Education Workforce Council for Wales;
  • suitably experienced practitioners who intend becoming serving headteachers in the very near future (acting headteachers who are not aspiring to a substantive headship post are not eligible to participate);
  • at a stage in their career where they are able to provide strong evidence to demonstrate significant experience of leadership at a whole school level and competency against the Leadership Standards;
  • willing to share learning and development with support officers and other colleagues, including examples and case studies of the experiences undertaken during their career that have prepared them for headship.


Should you have any queries regarding the above please contact your Regional Co-ordinator:

Consortium Regional Co-ordinator Contact Details
CSC Jendy Hillier Jendy.h.hillier@cscjes.org.uk
01443 827555
EAS Peter Jenkins peter.jenkins@sewaleseas.org.uk
ERW Tom Fanning tom.fanning@erw.org.uk
GwE Ann Grenet anngrenet@gwegogledd.cymru
01286 675044

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