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Elen Roberts

Elen established and led a successful, high achieving Welsh department before working as a secondary advisor for the Gwent Welsh Advisory Service. She has a proven track record of raising standards through the effective sharing of pedagogy, planning and departmental management strategies. Elen has contributed to various national panels supporting the development of guidance materials and has co-authored text books to support teaching and learning at KS3 and KS4.  She has extensive experience of assessment and assessment processes at both primary and secondary levels; as a national chief moderator for the external Key Stage 2-3 cluster moderation process between 2010 and 2014, and, most recently, working on the national verification processes. She has worked as a GCSE and “A” Level examiner for WJEC.  

Since joining the EAS in 2012 Elen has led the strategic development of Welsh and Welsh Second Language across the region and has overseen the growth of services for Welsh-medium schools. She manages the work of the Welsh in Education Support Team and collaborates with Local Authorities and their stakeholders on the development of Welsh in Education Strategic Plans. She continues to represent the region on a number of national steering panels and was a member of the WG panel tasked with the review of Welsh Second Language which led to the ‘One Language For All’ report and subsequent recommendations within ‘Successful Futures’. 

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