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National Categorisation 2016-2017
National Categorisation 2016-2017
Please find below the Welsh Government website links to the National School Categorisation updates for 2016-2017:

Cy - http://gov.wales/topics/educationandskills/schoolshome/raisingstandards/schoolcategorisation/?skip=1&lang=cy
En - http://gov.wales/topics/educationandskills/schoolshome/raisingstandards/schoolcategorisation/?lang=en&drd
Overview of Changes for 2016-2017:

Secondary Schools Step 1
· In autumn 2016, for 2015-16 results, Welsh Government will move to reporting school performance on a Year 11 cohort basis rather than for learners aged 15 at the start of the year.
· The attainment of eFSM pupils at L2+ will remain in step 1.
· Where performance of eFSM L2EWM learners is below the agreed eFSM target (32% in 2016, 34% in 2017) the school’s standards group defaults to at least a 3 on the standards axis.

Special Schools
· Step 2 and Step 3 outcomes for Special Schools will be published on My Local School in January 2017.
The ADEW Quality Standards Group has made the following refinements for 2016-2017:

• The full guidance document has been updated with page numbers and a contents page (attached).
• The National Categorisation report template has been updated to include revised headings - evaluation and areas for further improvement for Step 1 and Step 2.
• The School’s Improvement Capacity (Annex 2) has been revised to reflect A-D judgements.
• The Potential Rare Exceptions guidance (Annex 5) has been revised to ensure a thorough data analysis over 3 years, looking at performance trends.
• Any F1 Disagreement Form must be submitted at least two weeks before the regional moderation.
• An additional form (F8) has been included - Senior Challenge Adviser’s Review in Response to Receipt of a F1 Disagreement.
• Standard letters have been created for the outcomes of regional moderation and national verification.

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