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…And the answer is not simply 2S
…And the answer is not simply 2S
Find out more about the exciting future of mathematics teaching in Wales at a series of special events in December.
Organised by the Education Achievement Service (EAS), the “…And the answer is not simply 2S” events will take place on 5 – 9 December at Beechwood House in Newport.
Delivered by the EAS Numeracy Team, the sessions will examine the merits of both the underlying principles of Mathematics and Numeracy in ‘Successful Futures’ and the Singapore Maths scheme.
An EAS Mathematics Adviser explained: “Successful Futures promises great things for Wales and, in addition, plans are moving forward to establish a Centre of Excellence in Mathematics.
At the same time, there is increasing speculation about the merits of Singapore Maths and whether this is the best way forward.
These sessions will ask the critical question – does it have to be one scheme or the other? Does the answer actually lie somewhere between the generic ‘Successful Futures’ and the subject-specific Singapore Maths?”
Participants will enjoy a series of workshops and talks covering a number of key areas including:

  • An update on the work of pilot schools in the region.
  • What does Successful Futures say about pedagogy and assessment in the future curriculum?
  • How will this affect mathematics and numeracy?
  • What are the main fundamentals of Singapore Maths?
  • How transferable is Singapore Maths to a Welsh social, cultural and learning environment?
An EAS Mathematics Adviser added: “Change is in the air and we are keen to support schools in stepping into something new.
“Wales now has a range of national documents to underpin teaching and learning in mathematics; however, schools still need significant support. This is where the EAS comes in. We are here to help them succeed.
“Teachers want to provide the best possible education to their pupils and, to do that, they need to learn from best practice. That could be one scheme or even a combination. It is about tailoring the teaching to the needs of the pupils.”

To book a place or for more information, go to http://www.sewales.org.uk/cpd
Successful Futures is an independent review of curriculum and assessment arrangements in Wales. Singapore Math is a teaching method used on children in Singapore. It is renowned around the world as being one of the most successful methods of teaching mathematics.

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