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Clerks' Questions

The following page includes Frequently Asked Questions as a quick reference for Clerks.  This page will be updated as issues arise.

How many is the Quorum? 

A quorum is the number of governors who must be present to validate the proceedings of a governors’ meeting. For a full governing body meeting the quorum must be ½ of the governing body members excluding vacancies (rounded up). Example: If the full membership of the governing body is 14, the quorum is therefore 7. However should there be 3 vacancies the quorum is now 6. The quorum for a committee can be found in the terms of reference for the committee which are agreed annually, majority of governing bodies have a quorum of 3 for committees. 

Can we co-opt? 

To try to clarify the urban myths surrounding the appointment of governors. 
The term co-opted governor has been superseded by Community Governor (Government of Maintained Schools (Wales) Regulations 2005).  A vacancy of a community governor provides the governing body with an opportunity to establish links to other community groups, such as the business, faith or educationally based community. As governors can sit on two governing bodies, an existing governor on the secondary or feeder school governing body could be approached. Similarly links can be made with the Schools Parent Association, After School Club or Local Play Group. 

When selecting a person to take the role of Community Governor, consideration should be given to the balance of the skill set and knowledge of the existing governing body.  It is also worth considering the level of commitment they can offer to the school.  If you are lucky enough to have several community members that wish to sit on the governing body, governors must put forward nominations and carry out a vote to appoint. 
The Governing Body cannot appoint more governors than are laid out in the Governing Body Composition which is agreed within the School’s Instrument of Government.

Additional Community Governors

Primary schools which serve one or more minor authority areas are required to have an Additional Community Governor nominated by the Community Council. 
Parents, Staff and Teacher governors are required to go through the election process. For more information on appointment of governors please contact governor.support@sewaleseas.org.uk

How do we appoint an LA Governor

For the purposes of the LA Governor appointments this function carried out by the Local Authority.
Each Governor Support Liaison Officer notifies the relevant LA of vacancies as they arise and will keep Clerk’s up to date on future changes to the governing body

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